ARK Digital Vault

A simple, secure solution for all your digital storage needs… plus step-by-step guidance to help you organize your personal and financial information.

Accounts and Records Keeper (ARK)

All your personal, financial, important
information in a single, secure digital location.

The perfect digital organizing tool for you today – with the added benefit of being securely transferred to your designated family member or Executor to make their job simpler, too.


Will your family or
executor be able to find
your personal information
when the time comes?

They will with ARK.


Are your financial
documents, personal
papers, files and photos
truly secure?

They are with ARK.


Do you have a simple, secure
digital vault that
can save you time
and money?

You do with ARK.

ARK is Simple.

Simple now and simple in the future! ARK is your single solution for secure digital storage – everything you want to store online. It’s easy to get started now, and down the road, ARK makes it easy for the person who will be responsible for handling your estate. Get started quickly!

ARK makes it easy for you and your family…

  • Store everything in one convenient place
  • Access files from anywhere – even on your phone or tablet
  • ARK’s built-in Password Manager helps make it simple for family members to access your online accounts, blogs, social networks and digital files
  • ARK includes a detailed estate checklist to ensure your Executor has everything they need – personal info, financial accounts, medical records, etc.

ARK is Secure.

Secure storage today – and a secure transfer in the future. You need to be completely confident that the personal and financial information you store online is absolutely secure – ARK gives you that.

ARK keeps your files secure and more…

  • Military grade encryption protects your information against online threats, viruses and hackers
  • Two-person validation protects your information from fraudulent attempts to access your ARK Digital Vault
  • Single storage solution protects your estate from a lengthy closing process which can leave you vulnerable to theft

ARK Helps You Save.

ARK helps you save money, save time, and reduce frustration today – and helps your family and Executor save after you’re gone.

  • Save money – unlike most online storage, with ARK there’s a one-time, affordable lifetime price. Plus, right now, you can save over 35% with this special Introductory Pricing.
  • Save time – ARK replaces all the other online storage options you may have because it lets you keep everything in one easy location – no more hunting around for where something is stored – it’s all in your ARK Digital Vault. Plus, ARK saves you hours of research by walking you through exactly what information you need to leave for your Executor and your family.
  • Save frustration – Possibly the most important savings… you’ll save your loved ones from days or weeks of frustration and endless searching. ARK helps you identify the information that needs to be stored to protect your identity – then ARK provides detailed instructions, with easy-to-access records of your final wishes so your Executor and family don’t have to struggle with locating it.

ARK Makes It Easy

Just 4 Simple Steps.

ARK is truly a simple, secure storage solution, starting with being incredibly easy to get started and use. A few simple steps and you’ll have the only digital storage you’ll need, with all your important financial information, gathered and organized, ready for your family when the time comes.

1. Register

Set-up your account login username and password – then simply enter some basic personal information like your name, phone number, and email address.

2. Follow the ARK Wizard to gather and organize your information

The ARK Wizard will guide you through the key information you need to upload, in a range of categories, including: Personal info, Financial accounts, Medical & Health, and Digital assets.

3. Assign your Validators and Executor

ARK lets you assign two people as “Validators” to confirm your passing, and an “Executor” – simply by inputting their name and contact information.

  • Validators must each individually notify ARK of your passing to begin the release of your Digital Vault to your Executor.
  • Your Executor is a separate person from your Validators, and will receive secure access to manage your Digital Vault and all its documents once you pass.
4. Add additional personal legacy content

You can upload just about anything you want to archive for yourself and/or loved ones – from photos of special events like weddings and graduations, to documents about your last wishes – anything you deem important.

The ARK Wizard Guides
You Every Step of the Way.

ARK’s integrated “Wizard” gives you a step-by-step guide through of all the information you’ll want to leave for your family and Executor. The ARK Wizard walks you through everything you need to upload – you can update your information at your own pace – save the information you choose to save, stop, and come back later to add more items or update existing files.

  • ID & Personal Information Manager
    • – Expiry reminder for important personal accounts
    • – Bank accounts, financial accounts, insurance policies, credit card info
    • – Government IDs, memberships & subscriptions
    • – Password Manager for Email and Social accounts
  • Final Wishes / Funeral Plans
    • – Digital Preplanning guide
    • – Last Will & Testament
  • Life Story/Legacy Info
    • – Personal historical record, family tree, etc.
    • – Pictures (or where to find them)
  • Letters / Instructions
    • – Specific instructions for your Executor (what to do, who should get what, desired donations, etc.)
    • – Specific instructions for your loved ones and others

Get ARK Now and Save!

Give yourself and your family the security and peace of mind of knowing your estate is organized and easily accessible.

A single, simple, safe solution that will manage and store your vital personal information in a secure location to simplify the management of your estate for your family.

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at the Special Introductory Price…

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